CTV(Chinese Translation Version),中文譯稱。一段中文或英文的簡短說明:-:知識分類。====================================================
AAA(Authentication Authorization and Accounting),認證授權和計費。AAA代理的目的是在WLAN和3GPP AAA服務器之間傳輸AAA信息。當3GPP AAA服務器安裝在3GPP網絡時,它傳送授權、認證信息到用戶依附的歸屬位置寄存器HLR/HSS。3GPP AAA服務器也能從HLR/HSS中取得用戶預定信息:-:IP網路元件。

Abis interface(-),Abis界面。GERAN中,BTS與BSC間的界面。:-:GSM網路界面。

Active Set(-),主動集合。MS通話時,同時與MS建立FTC(Forward Traffic Channel)的所有BTS所成的集合。:-:CDMA技術名詞,與Soft Handover有關。

A interface(-),A界面。GERAN中,BSC與MSC間的界面。:-:GSM網路界面。

AFA(Adaptive Frame Alignment),調適性訊框校準。The MS times its transmissions to the BTS in line with those received from the BTS. The BTS sends to each MS a "timing advance" parameter (TA) according to the perceived round trip propagation delay BTS‑MS‑BTS. The MS advances its timing by this amount, with the result that signals from different MS's arriving at the BTS and compensated for propagation delay. :-:GSM實體層TDMA對時程序。

AGCH(Access Grant Channel),存取允許通道。AGCH is used to assign resources (including the dedicated channel) to be used along with timing advance(TA) information to a user requesting access to the network.:-:GSM logical channel.
[-] 鄭瑞光,GSM數據服務SMS、HSCSD與GPRS之應用,通訊雜誌第66期 1999.7月號。

AMC(Adaptive Modulation and Coding),。:-:廣泛使用於OFDM的技術,例如EVDO, WiMAX.

AN(Access Network),接取網路。The PLMN infrastructure is logically divided into a Core Network (CN) and an Access Network (AN) infrastructures, as defined in TS 23.101 and TS 23.110. The AN is called BSS for GSM and RNS for UMTS, as defined in clause "The Access Network".

Antenna Diversity(-),天線分集。Using two or more receiving antennas on a wireless device to eliminate multipath signal distortion. Typically, the signal from the antenna with the least noise (best SNR) is chosen, and the other antenna is ignored. However, there are also methods that use incoming signals from both antennas. It is quite common to see two antennas on 802.11 wireless LAN access points and PC cards.:-:天線技術名稱。
[-] PCMAG.COM/Antenna Diversity

ASN(Access Service Network),接取服務網路。WiMAX的無線接取網路,功能與GSM網路中的GERAN或UMTS網路的UTRAN一樣。:-:WiMAX網路分類。

ASN-GW(ASN Gateway),ASN閘道器。WiMAX ASN網路中的對外閘道器。:-:WiMAX ASN網路元件。

ASP(Application Service Provider),應用服務供應商。專指WiMAX網路提供收費服務的經營者。:-:WiMAX網路業者。