LTE - stuff

eNodeB(Evolved NodeB), . The NodeB used in LTE. :-:LTE network element.
a.k.a E-UTRAN
The interface between eNodeB and eNodeB is called: X2.

MME(Mobile Management Entity),.
The interface between eNodeB and MME is called: S1-MME.
The MME is the key control-node for the LTE access-network.
It is responsible for idle mode UE tracking and paging procedure including retransmissions.
It is involved in the bearer activation/deactivation process and is also responsible for choosing the SGW for a UE at the initial attach and at time of intra-LTE handover involving Core Network (CN) node relocation.
It is responsible for authenticating the user (by interacting with the HSS).
The Non-Access Stratum (NAS) signaling terminates at the MME and it is also responsible for generation and allocation of temporary identities to UEs.
It checks the authorization of the UE to camp on the service provider’s Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) and enforces UE roaming restrictions.
The MME is the termination point in the network for ciphering/integrity protection for NAS signaling and handles the security key management.
Lawful interception of signaling is also supported by the MME.
The MME also provides the control plane function for mobility between LTE and 2G/3G access networks with the S3 interface terminating at the MME from the SGSN.
The MME also terminates the S6a interface towards the home HSS for roaming UEs.
:-: LTE neowrk element.
[-] LTE: A Technical Overview, Motorola, 2007.

SAE(System Architecture Evolution),.
a.k.a EPC(Evoloved Package Core)
To include:
- 3GPP anchor
- SAE anchor
:-: LTE architecture.

UPE(User Plane Entity),.
a.k.a SGW
The interface between eNodeB and MME is called: S1-U.
- Paging origination
- LTE_IDLE mode management
- Ciphering of the user plane
- Header Compression (ROHC)
:-: LTE network element.

LSTI(LTE SAE Trial Initiative), . :-: orginization.
website: http://www.lstiforum.org/

CPRI(Common Public Radio Interface), the key internal interface of radio base stations between the Radio Equipment Control (REC) and the Radio Equipment (RE). The Parties cooperating to define the CPRI Specification has been expanded and are now encompassing Ericsson, Huawei, NEC, Nortel, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent.:-: RF component and interface.
[-] http://www.cpri.info/